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Compiled by Droopy.

'chat (message) -- Generate chat for a user.
'find (user) -- Display in which room (user) currently is.
'gotoroom (roomID) -- Goto the room whose ID number is (roomID).
'gpage (message) -- Page the owners with (message).
'myroom -- Go to the room that you own.
'naked (user) -- Remove all props being worn.
'reset -- Reset the user's client state to match the server.
'roompage (message) -- Summon help from the operators in the current room with (message).
'rpage (message) -- Send (message) to the owner of the current (member created) room.
'rtake -- Take ownership of the current (member created) room after the owner has been disconnected.
'rwho -- Enquire about the room's owner.
'setcolor (colornbr) -- Changes your face color to (colornbr). (0-15 are valid colors.)
'setface (facenbr) -- Changes your face to (facenbr). (0-15 are valid faces.)
'signoff -- Leave this Palace server.
'take (user) -- Take a user's avatar in a room where taking is permitted.
'accept -- Accept an offer of a copy of another user's avatar.
'help [(what)] -- Provide information about server commands.
'hide [on|off] -- Control hiding yourself from other users.
'hidefrom (user) -- Hide from another user.
'mute (user) -- Mute another user.
'newroom [(name)] -- Create a new room (one allowed per user).
'offer (whisper) -- Offer a copy of your avatar to another user.
'page (msg) -- Summon help from an operator with message (msg).
'password -- Set your navigation password to .
'rejectesp [on|off] -- Control rejection of ESP messages.
'rejectprivate [on|off] -- Control rejection of private messages (whispers and ESP).
'respond (msg) -- Reply to the last sender of an ESP message with message (msg).
'sitepage -- Display the URL of this server's site page.
'time -- Announce the server's local time.
'tock -- Announce the server's local time.
'unhide -- Cease hiding from other users.
'unhidefrom (user) -- Cease hiding from another user previously hidden from.
'unmute (user) -- Cease muting another user previously muted via the 'mute command.